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Construction Mortgage

Alpha Mortgage Housing Corp specializes in construction financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC. As you may be aware construction loans in Surrey, Vancouver BC are quite hard to get. The construction mortgage market has become more stringent in the last few years. Not only would your credit history be acutely scrutinized, the equity of your project and the market conditions at the time of applying for the loan would also come into play. When you add to these challenges the existence of fluctuating interest rates, lien waivers and other nitty-gritty, the entire premise of construction financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC would become quite complicated.

We are a rare mortgage agency that would make your entire quest for getting construction loan in Surrey, Vancouver BC – a cakewalk. We can do that because of our end to end solution that takes care of the entire process, right from the start which is assessing your requirements to the approval of the loan.

Here’s just a glimpse of how we help you with construction financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC


  • We would first help you to understand the various kinds of loans that you can opt for. There are thirty year fixed loans and there are shorter term loans with adjustable rates. We would also help you understand the various adjustable rate mortgages that have different fixed terms and then the remaining period of the term being subjected to adjustable rates, such as the 3/1 ARM, 5/1 ARM, 7/1 ARM and 10/1 ARM among others. We can also help you get very short term loans such as one year fixed interest loans which you can then convert into conventional mortgages after the construction is completed.
  • As your construction mortgage broker in Surrey BC, we can help you to get pre-qualified for construction loans. With our approach, you would be equipped with the assurance of funds before you actually buy the land or chalk out the construction plan.
  •  We don’t practice traditional mortgage brokerage. We will never restrict you to a handful of choices or only certain types of construction financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC. You would have the luxury to shop around and you can pick only that lender and a particular loan that you are completely satiated with. You wouldn’t have to feel compelled to choose a certain construction loan that you have any doubts about or you aren’t fully convinced to sign up for.
  • We will help you with the entire application process, from deciphering what type of loan would be suitable for you to determining how much money you should apply for. We would also take care of all the complexities of the paperwork.
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