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Private Financing

At times, institutionalized financing or public lending isn’t available. Numerous factors determine whether or not you would get a certain kind of loan for a particular purpose. You may be turned down by conventional mortgage providers or banks. You may not get approved for a particular type of construction project and you might not be willing to change your plan. You may face hurdles in getting farm land financing. Small to medium business owners often don’t have the requisites that traditional lenders like banks and financial institutions ask for. In such scenarios, private financing or private mortgage lenders becomes the only available choice in Surrey, Vancouver BC.

We at Alpha Mortgage Housing Corp have been into private mortgage lending in Surrey, Vancouver BC for a long time; long enough to know that there are many people and businesses that don’t get approved by banks and financial institutions for various kinds of loans. There is a reason why unsecured lending and private financing in Surrey BC has become so popular and commonplace these days.

Having us as your mortgage broker would not only help you to get private financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC but you would also be able to get the best among all available options. The problem with private mortgage lending is that most people or businesses don’t know where to look or who to talk to. Unless you know a large group of venture capitalists or investors who are already into private financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC chances are high that you would struggle to get the funds you need. Hence, you can imagine the significance of our mortgage agency when it comes to private financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC.

We have a large network of private investors who regularly finance various types of projects. You may want to buy a farmland and want to develop it, you may wish to construct a restaurant or a place of business, you may wish to make a large purchase or you may simply need working capital to cover the operational costs of your company. From meeting certain expenditure to working on expansion of your business, we would help you to secure private financing for myriad needs.

We don’t just act as a bridge between two parties. We would actually help you right from the start. With our expertise you can come up with plans that private investors and financers would find viable. From preparing the paperwork so the facts can be properly presented to pitching your project, we help you in every step of the way to secure private financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC.

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