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Project Financing​

There are many avenues to secure project financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC and it is our objective at Alpha Mortgage Housing Corp to get you the loan for your dream project that you need with minimum hassle and as soon as possible. You may be aware that for any kind of project financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC, the viability is the key. Banks would check your ability to payback and if your credit score qualifies for the amount of money you are seeking. The nitty-gritty of the project would also be considered stringently. The same approach is taken by most financial institutions unless you are looking at unsecured loans which would cost you a fortune in interests.

As a mortgage agency for project financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC with multiple specializations, we have managed to become the finest facilitator of project financing. We don’t practice traditional mortgage brokerage, although we do offer conventional mortgage broker services in Vancouver, Surrey, BC for project financing from banks and other financial institutions. What we also do is explore various avenues to make sure that you do get a loan at the end of the day. With us as your project financing  broker in Surrey, Vancouver BC, you would get a horde of choices. First, you would be able to pitch the idea and plan of your project to banks and financial institutions. They have the largest funds and their capacity to loan you the amount you need is unchallenged. They also charge the least interest in any category of loans. Also, they are less likely to have hidden fees and unreasonable charges. But if they are not willing to entertain your application for project financing, we have other ways.

We specialize in secured lines of credit and private financing as well. Whether you need an ongoing line of credit or you need a onetime major investment, our network of private investors and the secured lines of credit from various lenders would meet your needs. We are also experts in construction financing, farmland financing, rental properties financing, residential and commercial mortgages, second mortgages and land development financing. This expertise would be put to use to ensure that your project plan is presented well and that the lenders get convinced of its viability and thus you stand a good chance of getting approved.

In project financing, nothing matters as much as the project itself. While your financial profile and history will come into play, nothing is more important than a viable project. And since we have a plethora of lenders and there are various kinds of loans, the chances of you securing project financing are much higher.

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