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Farm Land Financing

Farm land financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC is very different from conventional mortgage or construction lending. Not every mortgage broker will be able to help you secure farm land financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC. We at Alpha Mortgage Housing Corp have expansive exposure in farm land financing and you would need our expertise to secure a loan in Surrey, Vancouver BC.

Farm lands are within the ambit of rural lending. The manner in which a normal property and a residential or commercial construction project would be assessed will not be applicable while assessing the applications for loans to purchase and develop farms. We know the rural lending industry, we know how to evaluate the value of farm lands and if the kind of money you need would be deemed viable by lenders. This viability study is extremely important as that would determine whether or not you would qualify for a loan. All this is in addition to the normal criteria of getting any loan, which includes all factors ranging from the down payment you make to your credit score.

With us as your mortgage agency, you would be prepped to face the challenges that lenders would put forth. Most lenders will ask quite a few tough questions before granting you any farm land financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC. If you are not equipped with the right responses then your application will not even be considered, let aside having a chance of getting approved.

A major factor that determines whether or not you would get the financing you need is the kind of revenue that your farm can generate. This is the key to a viability study. Hence, in addition to offering you various lenders and all the information you need to choose the right loan, we also help you to formulate a marketing plan or a revenue projection that would exponentially increase your chances of getting the loan.

If you have purchased farm lands before and have adequate exposure or experience, then that would help your case but if you have never ventured into such endeavors then you would need a solid marketing plan and a convincing project to show the lenders that you would be able to repay the loans. Usually, mortgage brokerage in Surrey BC does not engage in any practices that would help you with the marketing plans of your intended project but we delve deep into the requisites to make a stronger case, which is a quintessential need to get farm land financing in Surrey Vancouver BC.

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