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Foreclosure Assistance

As a foreclosure prevention mortgage agency in Surrey, Vancouver BC, we always talk to our clients and signify the importance of making timely repayments. Nothing impacts your credit score and financial plans as adversely as missing out on mortgage payments. For most Canadians, the mortgage is the biggest loan or the house is the biggest investment. Failing to keep up with its repayments will not just risk foreclosure but make life extremely difficult for everyone in the family.

You will hear some people talk about selling a home that is due for foreclosure in Surrey, Vancouver BC. Many talk about short sales or pre-foreclosure sales, assumption and deed-in-lieu for foreclosure but these aren’t really viable options for anyone who intends to keep the home. If you need to keep your home, then you have to keep paying your mortgage. At best, you can try to review the terms and repayment options or come up with a financial strategy to deal with the crunch situation.

Alpha Mortgage is specialized in foreclosure prevention and assistance in Surrey, Vancouver BC. There are many ways you can keep your house, manage to repay the mortgage and you can simplify the entire process. Of the many ways we endorse and practice in our mortgage brokerage, we can help you talk to your existing lender to review the terms. Mortgage companies and banks are not averse to talking to their borrowers. They are simply wary of those who make false claims or intentionally skip repayments. Presenting your case can always bring in some leniency from your mortgage provider. But that doesn’t always work. So we have a multipronged approach.

Alpha Mortgage will provide you best foreclosure assistance in Surrey, Vancouver BC. We have a host of short term and long term solutions for foreclosure prevention in Surrey, Vancouver BC. We can help you with debt consolidation that would get your debts in order and you would have to repay at a lower rate of interest. This is a good long term and holistic solution as you don’t have to worry about each and every debt. You would only have one debt.

We can help you with reinstatement that would allow you to make the impending repayments with a onetime lump sum within a certain period of time. This will buy you more time to set your finances in order. There is the option of forbearance that offers you temporary relief from making mortgage payments. This may be as short a period as three months but that can be of immense significance in tough times. We also facilitate foreclosure prevention with a revised repayment plan, loan modifications, with partial claims if your mortgage is insured and with second mortgages or refinancing.

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