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Rental Property Financing

Rental properties financing can be extremely easy to get or it may be a daunting challenge in Surrey, Vancouver BC. Everything boils down to the kind of property you want to invest in, the plan you put forth describing how you wish to capitalize on the investment and your financial profile including credit score and earlier investments will be taken into consideration. There is a perception that banks and lenders ask for a higher down payment when it comes to rental properties financing Surrey, Vancouver BC. That is neither a fact nor a practice in reality. However, there are many aspects that do come into play, from how many rental properties you own and how many loans you have right now to the viability of the proposed plan.

As a mortgage broker, we specialize in rental properties financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC. The basic premise of mortgage brokerage is the same whether you are buying a property to stay in it or you are financing a rental property in Surrey, Vancouver BC which you would generate some revenue from. But since you may already have a loan or two, you have to deal with a bit more stringent qualifying criteria.

Owing to that, we as a mortgage agency offer you various kinds of rental properties financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC.

We offer the traditional options which include the banks, home mortgage companies and credit unions. We don’t just provide one lender or two but a plethora of them. You will have plenty of choices and various propositions. You can choose the term you prefer, the interest that is cheaper and you can play around with fixed and adjustable rates. We would help you with the entire rental property financing application process in Surrey, Vancouver BC. We would also offer you our expertise to come up with a rental property marketing plan so the viability of the investment and the certainty of its returns can be presented to the banks, mortgage companies or credit unions.

We also offer you alternative options. For instance, we can facilitate seller carry back loans. These are financing options wherein a lender or private investor offers you a loan on certain stipulated terms. You may consider subject-to rental properties financing in Surrey, Vancouver BC. In such loans, you would get a short term solution to your funding needs. You can then work on the long term financing requirement or a larger loan. Seller second loans are also common. They can cover the down payment or take care of a certain portion of your entire loan requirement. The criteria for such loans are usually more lenient. You also have the lease option which may do away with the need for any down payment whatsoever.

Give us a call today and we can talk about your rental properties financing requirements.

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